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Careers In The Trades

Careers In The Trades


For many people, a days work only counts as a days work if it involves getting their hands dirty. If you are this kind of person, you might consider a career in mechanics, electrical work, carpentry, or any other building trade. There are many vocational training programs that are available to give you the knowledge you need aswell as apprenticeships to help build career skills.

Skilled trade jobs are often in high demand. The pay can be as good as those finding jobs after degrees but being less popular, has caused a shortage in some areas which makes job availability and the chances of finding one much better.

If you like working with your hands and think a skilled career is what you would like to follow, here are afew suggestions for you.

Auto mechanics will repair and service all sorts of automobiles from cars to trucks, depending on their training. A mechanic should have good knowledge in how many different vehicles work so they are able to fix the problems, as well as be able to perform routine care that keeps the automobiles running smoothly.

Electricians work mainly with wires and fittings and work involves running cable and wiring up fixtures and fittings. It does require some maths skills to make calculations and reference things in books. They will also install and maintain electrical systems, perfrom fault finding and preventive maintenance. Speaking to electricians Truro, they also often inspect equipment, searching for problems before any systems break down.

electricians at work

The Building Trades might interest you if you get satisfaction out of building things and seeing a finished product. Trade positions in the building industry include actual building, roofing and carpentry. Carpenters will cut, shape, and assemble wood in order to construct buildings or create other products, such as doors. Carpenters will work on construction sites, at peoples houses, in factories or in woodworking shops. Most people who work as carpenters work for contractors who build or renovate buildings and other structures.

Aswell as those trades that involve working on building sites and peoples houses, there are highly skilled trades that will allow you to explore your artistic side, such as being a cabinet maker, doing woodworking, or perhaps being an architect. If you have a love for plants, working as a landscaper or in a plant nursery might be a good choice for you. There are many different options out there so go and search and pick one that is right for you.

SEO And Web Design Careers

SEO And Web Design Careers


Many businesses need to take their business online and that means they will need a website and marketing for that site for it to appear in search engines and have a social presense.

A career in this industry can be very lucrative and lead to working for yourself from home either designing websites for clients and doing search engine optimisation for their site. Both of these, of course, can take a lot of training but it is a career worth pursuing, especially the marketing side because businesses always require good marketing skills. Marketing these days is alot about being online and showing up in the search engines. To get an online presense in this way require SEO. Working in SEO requires alot of skill and keeping upto date with latest developments and companies that offer SEO Cornwall which can assist you in your learning.

Looking at businesses in Cornwall there are many that need to be found when search engine optimisation Cornwall is searched for by users and therefore many potential customers.

Remember, the internet has turned out to be a powerful medium for promoting any business and it is this strategy that you can market your business on. Online presence is essential for any business to succeed and be able to attract an audience on a larger scale.

Website design and SEO can go hand in hand and you may be able to pick up the skills to do both. Either way, don’t miss up on the opportunities available in this industry.

Wedding Car Hire Business

Wedding Car Hire Business


There are afew businesses that continue to thrive at anytime, regardless of the nation being in recession or not.

Weddings are one of these businesses and there are thousands of weddings every single year. There are afew businesses you can get involved with when it comes to weddings, photography is one, every wedding needs a photographer and the other is having a wedding car as every bride needs a wedding car.

rolls royce wedding car hie

If you have some money to invest in an old or vintage car then this could be the perfect business for you to start. You would, of course, only be targeting a local area but there are still many brides requiring wedding cars, for example wedding cars Peterborough have a good number of searches for brides looking for cars to hire. You could offer the services of your car and yourself as a chauffeur and target people looking for wedding cars for hire in certain areas of the country local to where you live.

There are afew different vehicles you could purchase, including limousines, classic and vintage cars. Any of these cars would be great for a bride to hire for her wedding and they do not all have to cost a fortune. Something classic and looking beautiful will be great for any bride. You could advertise your services for classic wedding car hire in Huntingdon.

This kind of business does need some investment and time but is one which can be very rewarding and profitable.  One Saturday wedding booking a week could leave you better off than many jobs can offer for working many more hours. It would be advantageous to be good with cars in terms of mechanics because buying a vintage or classic car would mean doing alot of work on it to keep it in good condition.

rolls royce wedding car